Subject Re: [IBO] FieldOptions
Author Sandeep
On 29 Jan 2002, at 14:30, TeamIBO wrote:

> >> Unless you have foAutoAppendAllFields set true then that is my
> >> understanding yes. The outside/TIBO* dataset should only have the
> >> persistent fields (the InternalDataset may have more).
> > I set foDisplayFromIBO to true but I didn't see the fieldnames in
> > the monitor, it still says
> > select ALL tableA.*
> > from tableA
> I am not sure how all this stuff applies to TIBOTable. TIBOTable is
> there mainly to help people convert from old TDataset/BDE stuff, it is
> not a recommended way to build client server applications. ASAP after
> converting I recommend you replace TIBOTable with TIBOQuery and setup
> SQL that selects only those fields you actually want, and specifically
> setup the desired ordering etc. Be explicit and your application will
> be faster, more reliable.
> Anyway, to the point :-)
> foDisplayFromIBO is saying that the properties of the TDataset TFields
> that have been created will be overridden by properties read from IBO
> internals (such as connection/database Fields* stuff, and
> ColumnAttributes etc.
> It is the foAutoAppendAllFields that will add any additional fields
> not defined at designtime as persistent.
> And besides all that, is there a problem? If so what is it?

I stepped thru the code and it seems that the internal dataset is
not specifying the fields explicitly in the sql statement it's making.
If it did that then we get away from writing the sqls with required
fieldnames :-) (sounds nice)



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