Subject Re: [IBO] DLL/BPL and app with lots of modules
Author Steve Fields
Tried it. Nope. (Also need to specify a password, etc. )
Might have worked in a older version of IBO but doesn't now.
Plus this will add up to a lot on connections if I were to
call this numerous times in a app.
Most every time I tried this I got a AV and then at one time
Delphi even crashed out on me.
Still trying to figure this one out....

Steve Fields

Daniel Rail wrote:

>Pass the connection parameters that are not constant for each installation
>to the DLL(pathname, server, protocol, username, password). i.e.
>ProcName(Server, Pathname: PChar; Protocol: TIB_Protocol);
>At the present time, I don't even reference the TIB_Connection of the main
>ProcName(Server, Pathname: PChar; Protocol: TIB_Protocol);
> DLLConn.Server := String(Server);
> DLLConn.Pathname := String(Pathname);
> DLLConn.Protocol := Protocol;
> DLLConn.Connect;
> try
> {
> ...
> do whatever you need to do
> ...
> }
> finally
> DLLConn.Disconnect;
> end;