Subject Re: [IBO] Stack overflow error while inserting a row
Author Enrique Cereijo
At 17:18 28/01/2002 +1100, you wrote:
> > Everything works fine except when I try to insert a row in the last
> > query *if the dataset is previously empty* , when I recieve an
> > "stack overflow" error.
> > Can anybody help me?
>Perhaps with more info we can. What versions of everything?
I'm using Delphi 4 C/S. Interbase 6.0 and IB_Objects 4.2 Fn.

>Do you have any code attached to OnDataChange or other dataset or grid
>events which could be causing this. Take a look at the callstack
>when the exception occurs, you should see one particular function
>occurring again and again.

I have a IB_Query OnActiveChange event which simply does that
quGen.Active := quFam.Active;
quEsp.Active := quFam.Active;
quCompra.Active := quFam.Active;
quOrigen.Active := quFam.Active;

Where qu*Something* is the IB_Query for every dataset involved. There is
no code for grid events.

When I run the compiled program without Delphi simply nothing happens;
after 2-3 seconds, the program closes without any message.
If I run the program from Delphi a message appears saying " Project
MyProject.exe raised exception class EStackOverFlow with message 'Stack
Overflow'. Process stopped. Use Step or Run to continue.

Does it help in something the information?


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