Subject after the panic
Author Daniel Bertin
Hi all,
reporting back after the panic, I restructured the application, with
suggestions and help from the list, thanks to all who answered and
especially Helen, who was instrumental in the process.

replacing the connection with IBOdatadase,structuring generatorlinks,
keylinks ,autocommit= true, and primary keys.using the default transaction,
now the users are not losing records any more.( and I'm learning a lot in
the process). Hope to be able to return the help some day( but I do need to
be more knowledgeable first ).

I'm looking for any documentation on error capturing and recovering,
exception handling. if anyone knows of good reading material on the subject?

and I have a question, what is the difference/advantage between using
generatorlinks in the IBODatabase or in the IBOTable property?

Thanks again,