Subject Re: [IBO] E_MAX_EVENTS_BLOCK error
Author TeamIBO
> I use the TIB_Events component and E_MAX_EVENTS_BLOCK error is
> occured. I found the following code:

> procedure TIB_Events.EventChange( Sender: TObject );
> begin
> ...
> if Count > IB_MaxEvents then begin
> raise EIB_Error.Create( E_MAX_EVENTS_BLOCK );
> end;
> ...
> end;

> Should I use two or more TIB_Events components?
> Any idea?

The online help for TIB_Events says...
- - - -
To use this component fill in the Events property with the names of
the events for which a registered interest exists. Each IB_Events
component can handle only 16 event names. This is an InterBase
- - - -

(Its actually 15 not 16, but the IB_MaxEvents constant is declared

The IB6 APIGuide says...
- - - -
Tip Applications that need to respond to more than 15 events can make
multiple calls to isc_event_block(), specifying different EPBs and
event lists for each call.
- - - -

(IOW you can use two or move TIB_Events components if you need to
respond to more events.)

Does this explain what you want to know?

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing