Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid.RowSelect resets horizontal position
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:26 AM 27-01-02 +0000, Andy Garner wrote:
>with RowSelect=True I find that moving vertically through rows in a grid
>will cause the horizontal scroll position to be lost.
>Run SearchingLinks from samples
>scroll horizontally until the FULL NAME column is visible (last on the
>note that while moving vertically through the grid rows the FULL NAME column
>remains visible
>repeat this having recompiled with grSearchingLinks.RowSelect = True
>note that now, when moving up and down through the rows the grid repositions
>to column 1,
>making it impossible to scroll vertically while keeping the FULL NAME column
>in view.
>Is this the expected behaviour for RowSelect please?

Don't you just hate that? I think it's behaviour that goes all the way back to TCustomGrid. TIB_CustomGrid has a property FixedDataCols that lets you "anchor" a column.

Another workaround (if you can call it that) when I have more columns in a grid than will fit into the visible display is to echo essential columns of the current row into a status bar or into a small box of TIB_Text controls near the grid.


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