Subject Re: [IBO] Pb with IBOQuery
Author Daniel Rail
Just sending a confirmation about the error. I get it too having a query
structured the same way. If using TIB_Cursor, the error doesn't occur.

Jason, maybe look into this before the next sub-release. The query shown
below is as good an example as it gets. And I use FB 1.0 RC2, IBO 4.2Fp
and D5 Ent.

Have a nice day.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 26/01/2002 02:14 PM, you wrote:
>Before the last modification (or another!!! ), I could write under
>IBOQuery :
>SELECT (SUM(xxxx) - SUM(yyyy)) As MySum From table
>Now, I can just write that (without the brackets) :
>SELECT SUM(xxxx) - SUM(yyyy) As MySum Form Table
>if not I obtain the following error message :
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544569
> ...
> invalid column reference
>but under IBCONSOLE it goes very well.
>Is this normal?
>I use :
> Delphi 4 C/S
> IBO 4 Fp
> FireBird