Subject Re: [IBO] Need help setting orderinglinks for LookupCombo
Author TeamIBO
Hi Marcin,

Seems I missed this when it first arrived.

LookupEnh offers something that may help, but it depends on how many
months of data you expect to have stored. Search TIB_CustomLookupEnh
in the online help and at the bottom of that topic you will see an
explanation of how to use
property SearchDelimiter: char;

This property was setup to allow lookups against compound fields
requirements configured into computed fields such as your FULL_NUMBER.
However be aware that all searching after the first field is done by
brute force scanning, so if you had many records all with the same job
number (first field of the lookup order) value then the performance
may not be acceptable.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing