Subject Re: [IBO] default Display Format
Author TeamIBO
> I have upgraded to 4.2p and now my numeric fields have another
> default display format.
> Before a NUMERIC(7,2) e.g 12,4 looks like 12,40 in all grids and
> edit-fields. Now I see 12,4 . I leave the Displayformat empty in the
> TIB_Query objects.

This is probably my fault :-)

The previous version used float conversion for numerics to string.
This has potential problems, particularly at the limits of the range.
Fp onwards use currency (by default) and I was forced to use ffGeneral
formatting (and not ffFixed) because the VCL formatting routine also
experienced problems when formatting with ffFixed.

Setup display formats for your numeric domains in the
TIB_Connection.FieldsDisplayFormat, and turn fetDomains on in the


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing