Subject Re: [IBO] Here I Go Again
Author TeamIBO
> 1. Where did disappear "Password Remember" ? I Tried some of the
> options - Password storage - it works OK on my PC, but when I try it
> on some other PC, there is error "Your user name and password are
> not defined ...". Any explanation ?

Yes PasswordStorage replaces PasswordRemember.

When all else fails RTFM (Read The Fine Manual). That is; read the
information in the online help under TIB_Connection PasswordStorage,
and the information for the enumerated type TIB_PasswordStorage.
There is detailed explanation of each of the options that will explain
why you cannot run from another PC.

> 2. Can I extract metadata for only one table in gdb file with
> IB_DDL_Extract component? It works fine, but it can take long time
> to extract metadata for all tables in database, and then to find one
> I need?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: There is a totally new component included with 4.2.Fp
which has not yet been connected up to the utilities button. You will
see the new components (TIB_Metadata and TIB_MetadataDialog) on the
pallette. The help will still needs to be written, but there is a
filter capability so that if you put
in the Include filter strings then only that table will be extracted.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing