Subject Re: [IBO] Grid lookup Please!!!
Author TeamIBO
Hi Dion,


Do you understand that when you input a table_name.field_name
definition it is the actual table name and NOT the query/datasource
component name? IBO only requires the table_name.field_name (instead
of just field_name) with joins, in order to distinguish fields from
one table or another out of the join.

(A couple of previous postings looked like you were using component
names and not table names.)


Fields derived from embedded selects dont have a table name, so you
cant use the table_name.field_name format in the link definition.
(This has caught me several times :-)

eg: in the keydesclinks of a lookup dataset:


will not work. You need just:


You can use joins rather than embedded selects to derive the required
field - and the resulting field will have a table name (of the joined

Does this help?

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing