Subject Re: Transaction problems?
Author paolopf
> > Hi Jason
> If you are only intending to say "Hi" then I cordially return the
> As a reminder, I prefer things not be addressed to me personally as
if you
> only want to hear back from me. This is a public list where there
are many
> people able to address. It is a great benefit that there are many
others on
> this list very capable and willing to share information. This frees
me up to
> work on the things that you all need.

Excuse me,
I didn't want to be offensive with anyone.

the problem happened at a my Client's Firm, so I can't debug in place.
Tomorrow I'll be there and connect my portable pc ( in wich there are
the sources ) to the local net and see what's happening, and return.

Can anyone suggest me someting more or anything else?

Thanks and rgds.