Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4.2Fp and TIBOTable errors
Author Daniel Rail
Disregard this problem. I found my error, I was using the Infopower
descendants for TIBODataset and didn't recompile them before opening
project and forms.

Sorry for the posting, but it's the first time it happens.

Daniel Rail

At 21/01/2002 09:56 AM, you wrote:
>I've just upgraded to IBO4.2Fp under Delphi5. I can't open forms that
>contains TIBOTable components. The error that I'm getting is "Error
>reading TIBOTable.TableName; Access violation as address 7777540B. Read of
>address 7777540B. Ignore the error and continue? NOTE: Ignoring the error
>may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost".
>The forms are not read-only and Delphi has been restarted(even the
>computer, when the problem persisted) and the problem still persists. And
>when I choose to ignore, the form can't be shown.
>Any idea as to what could be the problem?
>Daniel Rail
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