Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_SearchPanel.GridLinks & Prepared Query problem...
Author rhollay

I'm sorry for inconveniences. My mistake.
It was my first attempt to do some bug fixes in IBO. I didn't know
if my fixes was all O.K. and important enough to place a description
at the top of the unit. Instead, I commented directly every concerned
line in the code for Jason to see what I had changed.
Obviously, he is always pressed for time, and he simply built in
my version into the 4.2Fb subrelease as it was.
I had sent him a short list of bugs I detected in TIB_SearchPanel:

- the component's Label positions are sometimes wrong;
- If I change the SearchPanel's dataset at runtime and the new dataset
(TIB_Query) has fewer visible columns than the old dataset, then the
old Labels remain on the panel;
- If I set DualColumn = True, then all controls (Edit, CheckBox ...)
have wrong positions and Width on the SearchPanel;

My fixes:

- the Label's positions are corrected;
- if I change the dataset at runtime, then the old Labels are cleared;
- if DualColumn = True, then the control's (and corresponding label's)
positions are optimized on the panel;
- the controls now really have the EditWidth assigned to the
SearchPanel (even if DualColumn = True);
- if EditWidth < 0 then all controls get their individually assigned

Regards, Zoli

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> GWT> I can see where it is confusing that altering a control
> GWT> is impacted by a query that is only prepared, not active. But
it is
> GWT> very much the way that IBO works. IBO attempts various sorts
> I am know this. I am only tell about differents in TIB_SearchPanel
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