Subject New IBO subrelease and Enh2
Author TeamIBO
Notice to users of Enhanced Components,

(or anyone using the IIB_GridWinControl interface definition in their
own code)

Please be aware that there is a change in the latest IBO subrelease
(4.2.Fp) that requires a change to one of the Enh2 units before you
can compile. You will need to download Enh2 v2.0.11 then you can edit
the Telesis_EditEnh.pas unit and find and remove the comments from the
following line...

function IIB_GridWinControl.GetAutoLabel = IBG_GetAutoLabel;

I will be releasing an adjusted version of Enh2 soon. (You will see
comments about this being an IBO 4.3 feature, but this was just a
misunderstanding between myself and Jason.)

If you have developed any of your own controls using the IBO provided
IIB_GridWinControl interface you will need to add support for the new
IBG_GetAutoLabel interface method. Please contact me privately if you
need assistance.

Note that this change to IBO allows any control that implements this
method to be used as a model for autolabels. So you can now use
IB_Edit, IB_LookupCombo, IB_ComboBox and all Enh2 controls as models
for the AutoLabel feature.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing