Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Import
Author kursatsaribey
--- In IBObjects@y..., Bert Neef <bert@n...> wrote:
> Him
> >if you send your ascii file structure, we can help you, I think
there is a
> >problem with format of your column
> Well everything that's in my ascii file is imported correctly but
> target table has one column that isn't present in the input ascii
file, and
> that column should be filled with the ascii file name.

I do not know there is a possibility to do what you want to do with
IB_Import, after you import your data into gdb, using IB_script you
can update your table and set all values of your field (which you
want to fill with the ascii file name) with the name of your ascii
file name.
I think this solves your problem with my limited information about IB
objects and interbase.
best wishes