Subject Re: [IBO] Using AutoFetchAll
Author TeamIBO
Hi Rod,

Since I dont use cached updates myself, I had left this hoping someone
familiar may answer. Perhaps they still will. But here are my
comments according to my understanding from the code...

> If I use AutoFetchAll with a tIBOTable on a DataMod - and then the
> table has new records inserted to it later on a local form tIBOTable
> - does the applyupdates force a refresh on the datamod table ?

AFAICT there is no refresh. If you think you need to refresh all
changes (in order to see server-side changes) then it appears you must
do that yourself.

> I am not clear as to the difference between applyupdates and
> commitupdates - sometimes I have to use apply and then commit to
> make sure things like twwgrids reflect the appropriate changes.

It does not appear that table/dataset CommitUpdates has anything to do
with the transaction directly - it is used to clean up the client side
buffer to reflect applied changes. What it does is actually remove
records that were deleted during a previous ApplyUpdates and resets
the skipped flags of records that were skipped during previous

If you call Transaction.ApplyUpdates then it will call the dataset
ApplyUpdates method and then commit the changes and then call the
dataset CommitUpdates to adjust the buffers to reflect the committed

Not sure if this helps.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing