Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_ComboBox on grid navigation problem
Author Cagatay Tengiz
Thanks Geoff, I've realized the messages after I posted my questions. And I
think that only solution for now is teaching users to use control key when
navigating. Although you stated that in your applications you do not like
using grid for inputs (and I must say that I agree with you), my users are
so familier with Excel, they do demand excel type input from me and this
leads me using grid.

Best Regards

Cagatay Tengiz
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Subject: Re: [IBO] TIB_ComboBox on grid navigation problem

> I am placing a TIB_Combobox on a TIB_Grid and setting the values of
> combobox to Style = csDropDownList and filling Items, ItemValues
> property. Untill here everything is fine when user tries to move on
> grid with cursor keys and when s/he touches the cell which has
> combobox, dataset enters to edit mode thus user was only trying to
> move between the cells. How can I avoid this behaivour ?

This is one of the hazards of setting up a grid for editing. You will
have similar problems with LookupCombo or my own EditEnh based
controls on IB_Grid. I use:

NavigateOptions = [gnCtrlNavigate]

so that the users can consistently navigate the grid simply by holding
the ctrl key down. There was a posting yesterday (subject "Lookup
List") under which I described more about how I usually setup editable
grids. (See the newsgroup mirror or yahoogroups site to view old
messages if you dont have them in your email client.)

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