Subject Re: [IBO] Timeframe for new release?
Author Eric Leung
lester@... wrote:

>Personally I would rather have a Kylix version of IBO next
>rather than wasting time on IB6.5 so as soon as I can freeze
>an IBO4 build for Firebird I will be very happy. I still
>have over half of my code that was converted to IBO3 now to
>convert to IBO4 and that will wait until I am happy that
>there will be no need to up-issue again.
How about IBO4.5 for CLX? Although IBO for kylix might be much powerful
if it is fully developed under Kylix, it seems the path with CLX/Delphi
6 seems much shorter. As promised with Borland, it should be Okay to
re-compile CLX applications under Kylix.

As there is no ibo for kylix, I would like to wait awhile before trying

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