Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup List
> Did you experiment with any of the NavigateOptions on IB_Grid.
> Combinations of those options along with your own preferences for
> AlwaysShowEditor, TabMovesOut and so forth can make a difference.

Something I need to look at.

> Personnally I dont like grids for editing but every now and then it
> becomes necessary. In one application with over 100 forms I have four
> editable grids (three of them on one form).

Most of my stuff has 'evolved' so grids just display
information, but I have managed to configure the 'order
process' module so that it navigates through a set of grids
just using keyboard, down arrow if the 'default' batch needs
changing and things like that. One of the girls can process
one hundred line items a minute <g> but the management are
heading towards automatically allocating stock, so that only
'problem' orders need manual processing. Add customers
ordering via the internet, the sales office disappears and
the problem goes away anyway ( but don't tell the staff <g>

> On grids where insert is possible I provide a hot key as well as a
> button, but otherwise the same configuration as above.

The module I just completed was done as a popup form to add
lines on the older version, we will see what the customer
thinks when I install it later today. It's a backup
facility, for correcting mistakes, so it should not need to
be very fast, and they will probably only be adding or
amending one item. Then the mouse is normally quicker than
the keyboard.

> The one area where I want to make improvement in the future is the
> TabMovesOut functionality. I want to eventually allow the tab key to
> navigate through all cells (not just one row) and only tab out at the
> bottom of the grid. I then want an option to automatically reset the
> selected grid cell to the top row when this happens. However this has
> not proved urgent since the users seem happy enough with the above.

I'm still of the opinion that the keyboard bodges that
Microsoft added to Windows 3 because thay had not even
thought that customers should have them are the source of
our problems here. The first releases did not even let you
shut down if the mouse packed up <g>. A lot of Microsofts
tools STILL can not be used without a mouse. I think it is
probably another example of 'slowing the user down so it can
cope', just like the keyboard layout on the original
typewriter - if the hardware had worked quicker, we would
have had an even more efficient layout.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services