Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup List
Author TeamIBO
> Just one comment ( from one of my customers ), "It's not
> very keyboard friendly, is it". They are so used to typing
> in and not using mouse that they get ahead of themselves,
> and you can't do that on the grid. That may force me to
> switch back a 'more keyboard friendly' method of working
> <g>.

> Any input on that problem, anybody.

Did you experiment with any of the NavigateOptions on IB_Grid.
Combinations of those options along with your own preferences for
AlwaysShowEditor, TabMovesOut and so forth can make a difference.

Personnally I dont like grids for editing but every now and then it
becomes necessary. In one application with over 100 forms I have four
editable grids (three of them on one form).

My preference is to drop EditEnh controls (or whatever is appropriate)
on to the grid for EVERY column. I turn AlwaysShowEditor on (so there
is none of this hitting F2 nonsense).

In one case (input of timesheet details) the number of records is
fixed, with insert vs update taken care of in stored procedures. The
grid configuration for this is...

PreventInserting = True
AlwaysShowEditor = True
ColMoving = False
ColSizing = False
NavigateOptions = [gnCtrlNavigate]
TabMovesOut = false

The gnCtrlNavigate option means that the users can consistently
navigate the grid simply by holding down the ctrl key even though
AlwaysShowEditor is on and the dropped edit controls would otherwise
prevent such navigation.

Given that this application replaces a DOS based app the users seem
to have found this configuration quite good for the quick data entry
that they are used.

On grids where insert is possible I provide a hot key as well as a
button, but otherwise the same configuration as above.

The one area where I want to make improvement in the future is the
TabMovesOut functionality. I want to eventually allow the tab key to
navigate through all cells (not just one row) and only tab out at the
bottom of the grid. I then want an option to automatically reset the
selected grid cell to the top row when this happens. However this has
not proved urgent since the users seem happy enough with the above.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing