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Author Bob Jones
That very reason is why I can't implement in-place editing of grids. My
users are still emotionally tied to the DOS world and often don't like
reaching all the way over to a mouse <g>. In fairness to them, they're often
in a rapid data entry mode, so every keystroke counts, and moving off the
keyboard and back is sometimes a big deal.

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We are in business - couple of old references were causing a
problem, Geoff's Enhanced ComboBox tidies up the display,
and I can add edit and update everthing from the grid.

I still think pop-up edit forms are easier, but I think I
can get used to this different method of working.

Just one comment ( from one of my customers ), "It's not
very keyboard friendly, is it". They are so used to typing
in and not using mouse that they get ahead of themselves,
and you can't do that on the grid. That may force me to
switch back a 'more keyboard friendly' method of working

Any input on that problem, anybody.

Lester Caine
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