Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction confusion
Author John Peterson
Thanks Geoff,
That is plenty to keep me going......I will also have one Transaction
component per DSQL. Even though they don't ever execute simultaneously.
I only have the one thread, other than the service control thread (which is
never played with).


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Transaction confusion

> > Prepare; (If not prepared)
> > Execute;
> > Commit;
> Presuming there is only the single unit of work to be done. IBO
> should automatically start the transaction as required, but you could
> explicitly start the transaction above this code if desired.
> The commit is also partially dependant on what other components are
> attached - since a commit will result in a close of all cursors/dsql.
> > I don't believe this to be the case. The connection is through
> > localhost, and other DSQL components over the same connection
> > continue to execute correctly. Just one of them fails and stays
> > failed, until the process is restarted. (I must admit my error
> > handling is thin).
> If all your components are using the default transaction (and so they
> are all using the same transaction), then it is possible that this is
> the source of your difficulty. There are potential threading issues
> with services that I am not very familiar with - which is why I
> suggested Jasons base application as a starting point. You may need to
> verify that you dont have multiple components attempting to do things
> at the same time.
> > If the DSQL component or Transaction were screwing up, what would be
> > the best way to recover? Would Disconnect/Reconnect clean it up?
> If you are certain that it is not a disconnection problem then
> disconnect/reconnect are overkill - although it would be likely to fix
> the problem temporarily.
> Hopefully the explicit transaction will resolve the problem, if not
> then I suggest you will need to review how the service threads
> synchronise with each other.
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