Subject Re: [IBO] help please
Author Artur Anjos

One more to explain differently:

The error you've got is on the client side, before the data was send to the server. It's an error that some value must be set in the client, before sending the data to the server. If you assign a value of 0, for example, to that field, the error will disapear, and the trigger will fire. Get it?

The problem is, if you are using that field as 'KeyField', you should set it on the client so the client will know the value after the trigger. If you don't set it on the client side, you will not be abble to refresh just that row, you will need to refresh the all dataset.

So, what we do it's simple:

On the Client side, set the Generator Links just like you have been told to do. That will make IBO automatically get a value from the server each time you do a 'insert' or 'append'. I will change your trigger to check also for a value of Zero: that way you can use it outside your application:

IF( new.UKEY IS NULL OR new.UKEY=0 ) THEN new.UKEY = ...

Artur Anjos

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