Subject Re: [IBO] BDE to IBO migration
Author Jason Wharton
> Private Email me if you are interested and I'll try to dig up the
> information from my archives in response.

It's up to you. Depending on how fast you want a resolution.
I have plenty to work on and try to govern my decisions based on what is
going to fulfill the greater good in the least amount of time.

[This is a reminder statement in general for all to remember.]
If you want me to do something specific and you want it done soon, the rule
of thumb is to "spoon feed" me as much as possible. Do all that you can do
on your own to prepare the solution and then you will for sure garner my
fuller attention. If I just get hints about a particular problem and no
concrete isolated case to work from, I'm not going to spend a whole day
fiddling around with it. I just don't have a whole day at my disposal.

Ideally I unzip something into a directory open it up and have a few buttons
to click and some good comments so that the problem is immediately evident.
I believe that is within everyone's power to do with any problem being
raised to my attention. In most cases, people usually find out more helpful
information to report or that it was their problem to start with. I'm also
very overjoyed to receive code alterations which go as far as fixing the
problem too.

The larger this community gets the more we need to act as a team. If
everyone focus their attention and efforts on what *I* can do then it is
crushing. I'm getting numerous private support requests and because of the
wide spread usage of IBO the refiner's fire is burning bright. Quirks are
coming out of the woodwork and I am focusing heavily or resolving them and
at the same time trying to move forward with new developments.

I'm fortunate to have the talents I do but they do have a rather limited
capacity in near immediate time frames. As a result, this leads me to
express my profound gratitude towards our new TeamIBO members and the many
others who contribute greatly to the support and development effort. This
helps me so much to be alleviated from the crushing load of this expanding
community and to focus on what the bottom line needs where I am best able to

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Hello Jason,
> Best Regards
> Hans
> > BUT, there is a Refresh method on the transaction component you may be
> > hitting against. There is also the transaction OAT processing that
> > at times if not tuned properly.
> >
> > I need a test case to reproduce this ideally for action to be taken on
> >
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