Subject Re: [IBO] BDE to IBO migration
Author Jason Wharton
> Another question. I've used in this old BDE application many GetBookmark,
> GotoBookmark and FreeBookmark statements to ensure that the last selected
> record is positioned again after doing a Close/Open.
> So what is the best way to migrate these Bookmark stuff? Or is there any
> other solution (probably automatically) to reposition the cursor to last
> selected
> record after closing and opening the recordset.

Just make sure the KeyLinks are set and use the Refresh method.
RefreshAction should be set to raKeepDataPos and IBO will do it
automatically for you. This works for all buffered datasets including
TIBOQuery and TIBOTable.

You will be able to delete lots of code from your apps.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ