Subject Re: [IBO] Editing data from a SP
Hello Geoff,

Another problem still outstanding I believe is that any kind of refresh
on a single TIBOTable/Query in a set of many active TIBOTables/Queries
generates a refresh for every table in the active set. It was creating
up to minutes delays on a IBO4 test conversion project from BDE to TIBO
which some 50 different tables, which I started quite some time ago.
Didn't want to rewrite the entire program and put it on hold :)

Best Regards


Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO) wrote:
> > SELECT Model, Operation, ...
> > I'm wondering if there is any way to teach IBO to take advantage of
> > this when it needs to refresh a single record. With other engines
> > there is some kind of RefreshSQL to do that, but I did not find
> > something similar in IBO. Given that the SP does compute some
> > values, I'd like to refresh a single row whenever it changes, maybe
> > using the BufferSynchroFlags...
> This is a known problem and it currently means that making stored
> procedures editable in IBO is often limited to small result sets (so
> you can efficiently refresh the entire selection if you need to
> see side-effect changes on a single record).
> Jason and I have discussed providing exactly the sort of feature that
> you describe (RefreshSQL or SelectByKeySQL), but this turns out to be
> quite a complicated change - so it has not been attempted yet.
> Not sure if/when such a change will be attempted.
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