Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi hang up at Close all
Author TeamIBO
> I have just been stress testing a system and observed the exact same
> behaviour. Unplugging the lan cable from the client caused the
> server CPU to go to 100% for approx. 30 seconds, then it returns to
> normal. The client had registered to receive event notification.
> Platform is NT4, IB6.0.0.627, TCP/IP connection.

> I assume the server is trying to send the event to the dead
> connection, and busy waiting. IB still is operational during this
> time, though slower.

> Can someone provide the fix for this?

You are asking on the wrong list. It may be worth checking on the
firebird site to see if this is a problem that has been resolved,
otherwise ask on the IB_Support site to find out if this is a known

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing