Subject Re: [IBO] FR vs QR
Author Russell Belding
Hello Stephen

""Stephen Ebbrell"" <admin@...> wrote in message
> I have been using FR since the beginning, Alexander has always been
> excellent on support. I gave RB a try last year, just to see... but it
> couldn't match FR for speed.
> With regards flexibility and ease of use, both FR and RB are very similar,
> not surprising when Alexander took the best features from QuickReport and
> Report Builder then made improvements!

As a user of Report Builder (, who relies on it
for best possible results, I am interested in your comments comparing Report
Builder and Fast Reports ( ). You indicate FR is better
because of improvements.

Was your speed comparison measured? If so over what kind of reports and what
are the results?
Are FR and RB similar? Did you do a feature by feature comparison? If so
what are the results?