Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi hang up at Close all
Author TeamIBO
> Delphi 5, W2K SP2, IBO 4.2Fn

Which is the same as me and I dont see the problems you describe,
which will make this VERY difficult to isolate.

> The problem is, that the error is not reproducable, but it always
> occurs with IBO-projects.

Just because the problem is with IBO projects does not mean the
problem is with IBO. There are other possibilities...

Conflict with other packages. I have had problems in the past with
some of my own package that depend on IBO (and then packages that
depend on both IBO and my own packages). Because IBO updates
regularly - requiring rebuilds etc - I have found that sometimes
Delphi seems to get confused and tries to load packages in
inappropriate orders (usually resulting registration errors). I was
able to fix this by uninstalling all the packages (other than the VCL
:-) and then re-installing in order of dependancy - IBO first, my
stuff later.

And as mentioned earlier, avoid Project Groups (other than the default
one that you cant avoid). And dont load more than one application
projects at a time - I seem to be able to load an appliciation and one
or more package projects at the same time without too much trouble,
but at the first sign of trouble I close the package projects.

You could also have driver or other software problems in your system
that are causing Delphi some problems. W2K seems pretty stable to me,
but such problems can still occur.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing