Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup List Refresher
Author TeamIBO
> I have an embeded dropdown lookup (TIB_LookupEnh), with that
> list in, but I can't use it to update the selection.

> First - should I be able to work this?

Yes it should work.

> If so - Where should I be looking?

I guess the first thing to check is that the primary/grid dataset is

The next thing I suggest is move LookupEnh off the grid and onto the
form (and reset Visible property to true). Now try to get it working
as per normal:

- check the lookup dataset properties: keylinks, keydesclinks,
keysource, orderingitems, orderinglinks, orderingitemno
(remember that keydesclinks is *necessary* with lookupenh)

- check the lookupenh properties
datasource to primary/grid dataset
datafield to the actual foreign key field in the primary ds
displayfield to the name of the matching name/display field in
primary ds
lookupsource to lookup dataset
lookupfield to the orderinglink field of the lookup ds

I think that should cover it (there is a more detailed example of
lookupenh setup under TIB_CustomLookupEnh in the Enh2 online help).

Once you have the lookup working off the grid, move it back onto the
grid and it should still work.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing