Subject Re: [IBO] list index out of bounds(-1) error
Author TeamIBO
> I am using latest version of IB objects, on my form there is a
> IB_Query. I open the query, select the fields. in order to order the
> data I selected 7 field. I click on create button. it comes. when I
> click on no tab no problem, it is selecting, however when I click on
> Field tab it gives an error list index out of bounds (-1), then
> DrWatson comes (my operating system winnt) and delphi 6 shuts down.
> in my database I do not have any index.

I cannot see any problem with the create ordering dialog here under
Delphi5 (still waiting for my Delphi6 upgrade).

You know that you cannot order by calculated fields? Computed are ok
but not calculated.

If you setup a new application and try the same thing connecting to
the employee.gdb - does the same problem occur? If try and give
step by step exactly what to do to see the error.

If you cannot reproduce on the employee database, post the details of
your query.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing