Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Grid problem
> > I installed IBO_4_2_F and IBO_4_2_Fn, and there exists a library
> > IBO40CRT_D6.bpl in the folder
> > Programfiles/borland/delphi6/projects/bpl
> This sounds OK - I presume that you expanded the IB4_D6_DCU zip into
> the folder Programfiles/borland/delphi6/projects/bpl (check the
> file timestamps).
> > I connected the IB_Datasource to IB_cursor, IB_Cursor connected to
> > IB_Connection and connection is active, then I connected IB_Grid to
> > IB_Datasource is it wrong
> IB_Grid should be connected to IB_Query (not IB_Cursor). There is a
> special component IB_StatementGrid for connection of TIB_Cursor and
> other unbuffered datasets.
> Probably we should be checking the assignment of the datasource to
> check that the associated dataset is buffered.
> --
> Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
> Telesis Computing

Thanks Geoff, Now I tried to connect ib_grid to ib_query, and it works fine,
however, it is active under design time, keep connection property of
IB_Connection is true, but when I run the program I see that the query is
not active, because it is not show any record. shoult I use
each time (or on show event of form) or is there any way to see the data
automatically without any comment.