Subject Re: [IBO] IBO inside a dll
Author Martijn Tonies

> > Jups, noticed that method -- but not all components have it
> > (TIBOQuery for example) - but I think when you link a TIBOxxx
> > to a TIB_Connection it uses the session from that TIB_Connection
> > component... right?
> That is the way it should work. I've never been in a situation to rely
> on it (being a suspicous soul I've used CreateForSession whenever the
> choice was doubtful).
> Given that you are creating components in code anyway, it would be
> easy to resolve any problems that arise in this regard when you go to
> multithreaded. So I would not panic about it.

<g> I don't panic easily... except for yesterday when I had the feeling
everything crumbled in my hands... Had a couple of packages and
the IBO dll, then, when running the app, it started using the wrong
methods when calling the dll -- ... got me a couple of hours before
I figured that one out. Got a DCP file inthe wrong dir and when
compiling, it used that one instead the one in my project directory...
Pfff, very nasty - hope I can remember it for next time :)

Thanks for the info, I'll stick with one TIB_Session for the moment as
it seems to work fine...

btw, Team IBO started I see :)
Martijn Tonies
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