Subject Re: [IBO] IBO inside a dll
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Helen,

"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> wrote in message
> At 09:27 AM 07-01-02 +0100, you wrote:
> >So, one TIB_Session _per_ TIB_Connection? And then the session
> >component has to be destroyed when the connection is destroyed?
> >
> Martijn,
> Actually, it's one TIB_Session per module. So if you have a module (e.g.
application) that has two or more connections, you still have just one
session component. But a DLL is a separate module so it needs its own
session component...same if you have a modulized application architecture
like we used to do in Delphi 1, one session per module...
> The IB_Session needs to be the first thing created in your module, too;
and it will be the last thing destroyed when the library object destroys

I have a single application - with no IBO whatsoever. This application loads
a DLL with the IBO code. The application then requests objects (cursors,
connections etc) from the DLL and uses them. The application can request
multiple connections (TIB_Connection) and multiple queries. All in a single
thread (for now).

So one TIB_Session in the DLL should be enough then...

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