Subject Re: [IBO] Install Release 4_2_Fn Evaluation
Author Geoff Worboys
> I had been waiting for access to the sources (which Jason has now
> provided - apparently the automatic order fulfilment wasn't
> working). I'm trying my best to get a demo ready and I don't have
> time to risk interfering with my installation (after the time I
> wasted over Xmas) - is there an easy way I can just substitute one
> of the new DCUs to prevent the nag screen arising (I'm trying to
> look professional).

If you have a full source now, the quickest way forward will be to
uninstall the demo and install the full source. Trying to match DCUs
is at best very difficult - attempting to second guess Delphi.

If you have problems doing the re-install just post a message and
we'll help as soon as we can. You will minimise your problems if you
remove all traces of the demo install before you begin the new version
install. (Simply avoid loading your application that uses IBO until
the re-install has completed.)


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing