Subject Re: [IBO] Editing a JOIN
> What we did in past without such lists?

2 years of trying to make Interbase/BDE actually work!

> > The customer really is nit-picking now, but the results are
> > looking excelent.
> >
> Sometime it's a pain for a programmer to understand what a customer wants to
> have, because way of thinking or approaching of problems are often quite
> different.
> Programmer's solution are often "pearls behind the scene" - without
> customers respect. But without such drawbacks our live would be too nice,
> isn't it?

Without IBO, Interbase would have been on the scrapheap 18
months ago and I would be trying to get these facilities on
something else.

Borland have a lot to thank Jason for!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services