Subject Re: [IBO] Help: IBObjects, Delphi & ISC Error
> I know that the conflict arose when both machines hit
> the same point in the program. This is when a number
> must be obtained to rename the file from the diskette
> so the file can be transfered to the hard drive for
> further processing. I have a table in the database
> that contains 1 record with 3 fields, ID, Next_Write,
> Next_Write2. Mch 1 reads and updates Next_Write. Mch
> 2 reads and updates Next_Write2.

So both machines are trying to write their number to the
record at the same time. You either need two different
records for the two ( or more ) machines, or the update
needs to be done 'server wise'. That is use a DSQL statement
to post the new number and auto commit, so that each machine
is just reading the information.

The error is due to trying to write one or other number to
the same record while the other machine has already made an

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services