Subject Re: HELP - IBObjects Sequence
Good and old question ;)
Have a look at:
"An Auditable Series of Numbers"
Good luck
Marco Menardi
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> Hi!
> I'm using IBObjects 4.X and Delphi 6.0.
> I would like to know how can a implement a
> sequence in a InterBase table, using IBO.
> There's a example:
> I have a table A, with a PK --> ID (Integer)
> When I'm inserting a new row, when a click the
> insert key, I would like to see the next ID. The
> problem is, that other users could insert a new
> record too.
> Now the question is: How can I resolve this
> situation? Right now, I'm using a generator. But
> if I cancel the insertion, I can't undo the
> sequence!
> If anyone have a idea to solve this problem,
> please awnser this message.
> Best regards,
> Rui Batista
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