Subject Re: [IBO] DBTreeView
> Ok Lester i have downloaded VirtualTree but how to load an IBOTable o
> IBOQuery
> on it?

As I said I bodged it. I used an IB_Cursor to build the
tree, and then a IB_DSQL to access the selected node to
provide other data. The nice thing with this was being able
to control the drawing of each entry. But it does seem to be
a bit overkill which is why I am looking at IB_TreeView now.

> Another question is ,i have tried to compile IB_TreeView with C++Builder 5.0
> and the compiler require FILECONTROL.OBJ and i havenĀ“t got this file, any
> ideas ?

Builder 5 -> Add vclx50.bpl to the required list.

I've modified IB_TreeView to allow me to add CustomDrawItem
to the component and that is working nicely - just trying to
find where the default drawing is done so I can replace the
lines and buttons with my own.

The other thing I will do is switch to TIB_Column entries
for the various data fields so that you can use a drop down
list to select. If I can get it working.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services