Subject RE: [IBO] Enhancement Request
Author Kevin Stanton
At least for item #2, this would be very easy to do if you sub-classed the
IB_Query yourself and implemented this feature as a method.
If you are not familiar with component sub-classing, this would be a very
good thing to start with as it is very easy to do.
Just a thought,
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From: Johan Kotze [mailto:jkkotze@...]
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2001 7:36 AM
Subject: [IBO] Enhancement Request

Hi Jason

There are 2 thing I would like to see in IBO.

1. On the messagebox that displays the "Fetching xxxx rows" message,
could you include the component(IB_Query, etc) name or caption? It
would help me determine where my code causes large amounts of data to
be retrieved.

2. I would like a EmptyTable funtion and a EmptyTableSQL property
added to IB_Query that will execute the SQL statement specified in
EmptyTableSQL. It must also commit the changes and drop all local
cached data from the query.

If you have time ;-) and feel like it, it would be much appreciated.


Johan Kotze

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