Subject Re: [IBO] Help IBObjects, Delphi & Local Interbase
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:25 PM 19-09-01 -0600, hans@... wrote:
>Since you are explaining every detail :)

It probably confuses the issue - the diagnostics showed that Port 3050 was open.

AFAIK, the optional port parameter is needed only where you want the IB server to poll a non-default port, e.g. 3060 for InterServer or (as will occur in Release 1.5 or the all-new Release 2 of Firebird) there are optional ports. (Firebird-future will offer 3050 for "Borland compatibility mode" and 3051 for "native Firebird mode" giving access to new features). I think if you have 3050 closed by your firewall you can also open a different port, not clear about this though....


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