Subject Re: [IBO] Field Properties:Display Format
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:26 PM 19-09-01 +0200, you wrote:
>I can't seem to get my field to display a currency value(double precision)
>in the right format.
>I use %m for display format which I set up in the field properties tab when
>double clicking on ib_query.
>I have also edited the column attribs and checked the currency flag.
>It keeps displaying %d or %m or %8.2m no matter what I put in. Unless I
>understand format strings wrongly I dont know what else I should be doing to
>get the value to display R5.00 or $5.00 or any other currency.

DisplayFormat is like DisplayFormat in the VCL - don't confuse it with an EditMask.

To display 567.891 as currency, you would do something like this:

'R'#0.00 displays R567.89

This would display .566 as R0.57

'R'#.## would display .566 as R.57

and so on...

Always use commas for thousands separators and periods for decimal points. The Windows regional setting will adjust them if appropriate.

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