Subject Re: [IBO] (Off Topic) Install Shield Express for Client Apps
Author Lukas Zeller
At 16:21 -0400 17.9.2001, you, Warren Postma wrote:
>Does anyone know how to make a Client Installer for an Interbase database
>client application that will automatically install the correct Interbase
>Client DLLs? I know this isn't an "IBO" Question, so if you're a Purist, feel
>free to ignore me, however if you have already done this at least once,
>and you wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it!

If you take the "gds32.dll" from Firebird 1.0 (and not Interbase 6.0), you
can do it with Install Shield Express as follows:

Just make sure that along with your app, the following files are
copied into the same directory:
- gds32.dll (not older than April 10th, 2001)
- interbase.msg
- msvcrt.dll

That's all. The good thing is that these files can also be stored
on a network drive, and the app can be started w/o any installation
procedure on the individual clients. There is no single registry
entry required.

Why do you need the FB 1.0 gds32.dll? Because in the IB6 version,
the dll needed the "services" file of every client machine to be
modified, which was not possible w/o installation. Back then
I NEEDED zero-installation behaviour, so I could add a little
enhancement (with help of the IB gurus) to FB code which makes
gds32.dll (which IS the IB client) work even without the
mentioned "services" file entry. Thanks OpenSource!

Lukas Zeller (luz@...)
Synthesis AG, Sustainable Software Concepts