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Author Martin Lunt
It is actually a change made by Borland in Delphi 6. Look in
Help->Compatibility issues and you will see that DsgnIntf has had its name
changed to DesignIntf. But that is not the end of the issue. If you change
DsgnIntf to DesignIntf you can compile and install the component but when
you try to use it in an application it will complain that "proxies.dcu" is
not found. This is because Borland have started enforcing their licence more
strongly in this area and to get it working properly and conforming with
Borland's licence it is necessary to split the source for that component
into two packages - one design time and one run-time. It is also quite a
good idea to do it like that because there is little point in bloating any
application with code that is only relevant at design time.

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> Its an environmental library path issue. You need to find DsgnIntf.dcu and
> add a path pointing to it

usually you'll find it in the $DELPHI\Source\Toolsapi - directory.


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