Subject Re: [IBO] Using TIB_QUERY
Is that because by name is very close to a variant solution, one of
the slowest items in Pascal ?

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Geoff Worboys wrote:
> > isn't it so that as soon as any SQL execution is done
> > within the loop, that these ByName functions become
> > irrelevant in terms of performance? I mean a SQL Post,
> > for example, will probably take as long as thousands
> > of FieldByName's, isn't that so?
> No, it definitely makes a difference. I have written various batch
> utilities in the past and it is worthwhile making the extra effort.
> I dont remember if I tested all scenarios (local versus fast-network
> versus slow-network) but there are significant overheads in using the
> ByName functions. Obviously the results will depend on the
> circumstances (how many fields, what type of fields are being posted,
> how tight the loop is etc).
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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