Subject Re: [IBO] a way to store "last accessed date"
Author Artur Anjos
Hum... You will not be abble to do that with triggers, since there is no way to do a trigger "AfterRead". So you need to post the dataset anyway, and you must do it in the client. I really don't thing this is a good idea.

Also, you have no way to know if it was actually "read" by the user.

Don't know how you need this. If it is for some kind of control, may I suggest to keep a independent table on the server that keeps log of "user + Sql used', for example?


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Subject: [IBO] a way to store "last accessed date"

Hi there fellow IBO'ers

I am looking for a way to store, on each record of my table, the date
this record was last read.

I dont really know where to start, if it is possible, and even if the
gbak utility would mark a record read on it's daily run.

should it be done in a trigger? by the client itself ? Should I try
going there via some kind of logs? humm...

This is all higly experimental, let's say. So, all suggestions and
ideas are welcome.



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