Subject Re: [IBO] Edit/Update problems when SQL contains quotes?
Author Lukas Zeller
At 20:12 +0700 10.9.2001, you, Johan Sebastian wrote:
>1. set ttable/tquery.cachedupdate:=true
>2. drop a tupdatesql on your data module/form
>3. set ttable/tquery.updatesql:=the name of tupdatesql
>4. right click the tupdatesql
>5. follow your instinct
Thanks, but your instructions dont't relate to my problem.
(or my instinct is insufficient to find out what you
wanted to show me):

- I use only IBO native TIB_Query components, which have
no UpdateSQL property, so I cannot even try this.
- It used to (and still does) work with IBO 3.6;
I want to know what is now DIFFERENT.

Sorry for not understanding, maybe you can explain more?

I'll also accept RTFM if you tell me which M to R
(I found nothing in the docs/help I have, that's why
I asked the question...)...

Lukas Zeller (luz@...)
Synthesis AG, Sustainable Software Concepts