Subject Re: [IBO] re using tib_stored procedure
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:07 PM 09-09-01 +0000, you wrote:
>Helen Thanks
>I have got it working at last but it is incredibly slow !!
>I have three nested procedures and the innermost one does
>'getcount(col a) from mytable where colB= ,and colC= and colD= '
>the table has 15,000 records and I have to do this for each of 10
>values of col B and 1000 values of colC. So this amounts to 10,000
>goes of getcount(col a) before the result is available.
>Now when I did it directly from the client using queries I first
>reduced the table size by doing "insert into temptab select from
>mytab where colB =" (table now typically 1000 records)
>then reduced again " insert into temptab2 select from temptab where
>colC =" (table now typically 100 records)
>then select count( ) this was vastly faster over all.
>Can I do this sort of thing with stored procs ?
>But I was told this was not a proper way of doing it in any case !

Does you getcount() procedure do select count()? Select count() is expensive and the more times you do it, the more expensive it gets! As long as you are in a stored procedure anyway, why not track these counts in counter variables, so that you avoid having the rows being walked just to get a count?

Where are the input values coming from? Can they obtained from a query or a view? If so, you could run two FOR..SELECT..INTO loops, the outer one reading the input parameters and applying them to the inner one; and the inner one doing the counting and feeding values into output variables to be SUSPENDed into the output set. The counter variables just get updated when there is a "hit" on a selected row - no separate counts at all.

It would helpful to see what your output set should look like and also the structure of the contributing sets...


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