Subject RE: [IBO] Native Delphi components/IBObjects.
Author John Tomaselli
Both IBO Datasets are NOT dependent on the BDE. Choose the native dataset
for more features and ease of use in c/s development with Interbase. Choose
the dataset decendent to use all the 3rd party controls available that use
that model.

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Subject: [IBO] Native Delphi components/IBObjects.

Do you perhaps mean TIB_Datasource?
Sorry!! I confused the DataSet Property of a DataSource object - as being
its name.

>Use the native Delphi TDatasource with these components, along with the
native Delphi data-aware >controls.

>Use TIB_Datasource to link the native IBO (TIB_*) data access components
with the IBO TIB_* controls.

I am confused and left puzzled as to how one can use any "native" Delphi
components if one wishes to escape dependency upon the BDE. Perhaps you
could be so kind as to refer me to some notes on when components/objects are
dependent upon the BDE - and when not. Especially since I intend to derive
components of my own - from IBObjects - in due course. All of which I intend
should remain independent of the BDE

Meanwhile I have created an SQL DataBase together with Tables.
I need to hook a Grid to a DataSet in order to access a Table component -
and thereby one of the tables in the DataBase.
All of which should have nothing to do with ultimate dependance upon the

Could you please be so kind as to explain which components/objects I should
use - to totally avoid any dependance upon the BDE.

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